Tom and Doug

Tom and Doug are a comedy music duo, performing in multiple musical styles including jazz, rock, ragtime, blues, comedy, folk, rap, polka, heavy metal, and country. They are often compared to Flight of the Conchords and They Might Be Giants. Thomas P. Florek and Douglas Gentile have been writing, performing, and recording together since 1985. From 2005 through 2010 they hosted a biweekly podcast that features their music and that of other artists. In 2010, they began a weekly half-hour radio show streaming on KHOI-FM. In 2011, they began offering their show over the national Pacifica Radio Network 

Tom and Doug Песня

К сожалению, мы пока не располагаем достаточными данными, чтобы создать список Tom and Doug альбом.

Tom and Doug Песня

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